Kelly DaviesI’m a freelance PR consultant with over 16 years experience working for leading UK brands including Lloyds TSB, Halifax,, British Gas and Apple. I’ve also worked with many small businesses in Wales and public sector organisations including Visit Wales and Cardiff Harbour Authority.

I’ve done it all; from donning a dragon costume promoting a new building society branch in Wales to briefing spokespeople for an appearance at a meeting of a Commons Select Committee. I’ve bubble-wrapped a street and briefed MPs on financial issues. I’ve written hundreds of press releases, features and pieces of copy, met dozens and dozens of journalists and filed thousands of pieces of coverage. And I still love it.

I am now using my experience, expertise and energy to help all sorts of businesses with their freelance PR needs.

From devising PR strategies to writing press releases, I can help with all aspects of PR. I’m freelance so I’m flexible. I can spend just a day with businesses helping them to identify their PR needs, or I can work with organisations long-term providing on-going freelance PR support.

How can I help?