A leopard never changes its spots. Or does it?

Please can I go home? Oh. I am at home.

What have I done? IT’S A RECESSION AND I’VE JUST QUIT MY JOB. A job that pays wonderfully, given me lovely benefits like a desk that I only have to sit at until 5pm, many days holidays, a fat pension contribution (I’m over 30, this matters now) a Blackberry and a canteen with a wok station and a Costa Coffee. I have clearly lost the plot.

Breathe. Breathe. *pulls out paper bag*

But the job also gave me unprecedented feelings of frustration and boredom. It created levels of tedium and negativity not fit for a human. In fact, had I not quit there is every chance I would be walking around with a dislocated jaw from the lion-size yawns which inflicted me hourly, on a daily basis.

But more than that, I wasn’t fulfilled or challenged or doing good PR. And that’s what I like doing; really good and brilliant and awesome and fun and worthy and make-a-difference PR. I like working with people who get excited about PR, who want to do new things, who want to try things. I like brave people, risk-takers and working with teams with balls and guts. I also like working with folk who have never done PR and showing them what it’s all about and how it can help their business.

So, I had to do something about it. And I have. I’ve quit my job and decided to try being a freelance PR so I can work with all sorts of people doing all sorts of PR.

I’m bricking it to be honest. I’m scared I’ll end up stacking the shelves in Tesco to pay my bills (nothing against shelf stackers but I’ve got weak arms), or be sat in my velour tracksuit (what of it?) watching Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women all day every day (ok, not so bad). I’m really scared.

But, I’m also excited, happy and optmistic. I know I can do it! I have the passion and the fire in my belly and that – just about – tames the wicked flames of anxiousness.

Wish me luck my little leopards. (Gaga has done quite well building up an almighty fan base of little monsters, so I’m going to have little leopards. I like leopards. You may have guessed).



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