How can I help with your PR?

New to PR?

Are you new to this PR malarkey? Are you a small business and you don’t where to start?  Perhaps you just don’t have the time and need someone to do it for you? Or, it could be you need a guiding hand to help you choose a PR agency – perhaps you’re not sure how to write a brief or what to look for? You could just be looking for someone to help one or two days a month to establish your PR or you may need media training, introductions to journalists or simply need some advice. Whatever it is, I can help.

Long in the tooth?

You know about PR, you’ve done PR, and you understand PR but you just don’t have the time to do PR. You need a freelance PR you can rely on. I can help shape your PR strategy, define objectives and make sure they’re achieved.  I can roll up my sleeves and actually do the PR for you. Maybe you’re an agency who needs some outside, objective, consultation on your pitch? With over six years spent as ‘the client’ I can help you shape your approach, style and output. Perhaps you need some help on a project? Or a fresh pair of eyes? It could be that you just need a safe, reliable and experienced pair of hands to help you out. Get in touch.