Specialist Areas

Personal Finance
Having spent the last six years working for quality personal finance brands, I have an extensive network of personal finance contacts. If you are looking to get exposure in the personal finance space then talk to me about how my freelance PR service can help you.

Perhaps you’re a personal finance brand who wants to graduate from the money pages and on to the news and lifestyle pages. I’ve achieved this for brands who I’ve worked with and it’s all down to bit of creativity, some hard work and, most importantly, a great story. You don’t  need a big PR agency to achieve this.

Talking of PR agencies, perhaps you’re from a PR agency and you need a bit of help for a big pitch or you need someone with personal finance experience to help out on a project? It might be that you just need someone to write a press release or sell in a story or maybe you need help on a strategic piece of work. Whatever you need I’m happy to help and able to work on-site.

Online PR
Social media, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), digital PR, media relations… it’s all merging. PR in the digital age has moved on from media relations. PR campaigns are now more than just a press release and creating content has become the domain of the PR.  Whether the content is news, videos, infographics, podcasts or quizzes, I have experience in producing all of these and utilising them in PR campaigns.

In fact, it’s now hard to imagine a PR campaign that doesn’t have an online element. SEO relies on PR for generating links on authoritative websites and producing, optimising and placing copy online which improves search rankings and visibility in Google. Whether it’s Twitter competitions, Facebook pages, blogger outreach, microsite creation, YouTube videos or good old-fashioned press releases, I can help. I’ve created and managed many PR campaigns that either use online technologies or are digital PR campaigns in their entirety.

Agency selection
I have spent many years both on agency side and as an in-house PR.  This means that as well as responding to, I have also produced many PR briefs.  A good brief is crucial for selecting the right PR agency. I’ve seen dozens of long and complex briefs where it’s clear the client doesn’t understand the role of PR, isn’t sure what they want PR to do and they therefore don’t get the response they expected and they give up on PR. I can help with all aspects of agency selection, including finding the right agencies for your business, writing the brief, evaluating pitches and managing the agency for you.

Consumer/Brand PR
A lot of my experience has been working with brands to raise awareness in consumer media. Creating campaigns and PR that gets brands being talked about on This Morning, written about on the front page of The Daily Mail and mentioned on radio stations across the UK. Brands often have to play it a bit riskier, be brave and not be afraid to have a view and do something different. If you want to raise awareness of your brand, if you want people talking about you, if you want your brand name splattered across the pages of the press then talk to me about how I can help you.